Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Big Game

What's the plan for next game? I'm happy to continue to judge lightning round weeks. I promise to do a better job of balancing fights, though. I made a mistake and had *way* too many were-pigs at the last scrap. I've also got plans for preparing some new NPC bad guys to choose from including:

  • Kinevil Rampage and the "Law Friends"
  • "The Cyclone" and his agent
  • Khan Shaka and his goons
  • Griggle the Wormpriest
  • Gaius Antonius Octavius
    ...and more!

    We've still got pushbacks we can resolve, and Dengwur should soon start to go back to war with the Old Ones. We should discuss what is up and where we are going.

    What does everyone's character want to do next game?

    1. Murderface will (unless something major happens) be spending the month recruiting and training more dwarf teenagers to become furies. Especially while a couple of his henchmen are laid up.

    2. rinaldo will be trying to work out a trade for the deathslicer from cyclone, rinaldo has already sent him a letter and is awaiting a response
      theres another spell id like to work on with manfred
      beavis while he has to do some garrison work had the idea of running through skull mountain to see if there is any armour or weapons lying about the place we never picked up
      decius and deadeye hayes will probably play some of those cards that i made up a few weeks ago but ill need to have a talk to andrew about that before one is just picked at random
      and i might tag sindrain along with someone elses character to help out

    3. I want to recruit replacements for my Hydra casualties. Beyond that, I'd still advocate trying to eliminate the wormpriest for good, but Tiberio would lend support to anything that sounds lucrative. At this point any spell I'd want to research would be 6 to 8 weeks and I don't want to take that much time off yet. eventually I'll want to clear a little more of the elfwood for my domain, but I'd like to have more funds available first.

    4. I'm hearing that we want to do lightning rounds again. Is everyone okay with me continuing on as a GM next game? We'll shoot for getting through four weeks.

    5. I think we need to also begin laying out contingencies for upcoming conflicts.

      I personally feel that we were never really that much of a threat to either Dengwur or The Old Ones, though that might've changed since we took the temple of 1000 demons. So Denwur and The Old Ones are focused on each other for the upcoming conflict, mostly. They'll probably continue skirmishing for the isle of the dead, but there's a major battle between the two coming before long.

      Almost certainly we've been major pains/threats to the worm cult, and having basically sacked the temple of Bor in Portchester, you KNOW they're going to come after us at some point.

      Speaking as Murderface (and not the GM running them), the clockwork horrors seem like maybe potential allies (at best), or like enemies biding their time (at worst). Aside from destroying a village and having a raging battle with the Skull Collectors, they really haven't been that bad as far as neighbors go. Once peace was brokered, they've been quiet, and very generous as far as purchasing items they need. I feel we should either see if we can get their help in some way or, failing that, see if we can't trick our enemies into attacking them directly.

      I pretty much feel that the worm cult is a major threat right now, as they have quite a proven army, and have had time to regroup after their defeat on Tiberio's town. Plus that sumbitch leader of the cult just barely got away from me last time. And, even more importantly, they have quite the pile of money from the sacked Elfwoods. Also, they have a great many elf slaves, who would probably do whatever they could to help their rescuers (including becoming vassals).

    6. I suppose if you all decide to take your armies West I have appropriate stats and challenges for the wormcult.

    7. I'm coming up with a plan to turn the Other Masked Archer and the Chaka Khan against one another.