Thursday, January 15, 2015

News from Yoesville

Fellow Skull Collectors,
I have news to share. From my recovery bed I was visited by an emissary of the Clockwork Horrors. It is my understanding that these beings may have attacked the lawfuls in the domain of Yoesville in error, and are interested in making peace. In my opinion, a simple misunderstanding that we could perhaps put to rest. Moreover, these beings are offering us significant riches (1,000 gp gems) in return for simple items such as:
  • A wagon load of iron and/or copper (condition unimportant…i.e. scrap, workable items, etc) of at least 100 stone
  • Ten restrained willing/unwilling beings designate as slaves, race and physical condition irrelevant, as long as they are alive
  • Each barrel of military oil
  • Eight barrels of lamp oil
  • Each wagon and team of draft animals to pull it
  • Each four stones weight of silver

    I am negotiating on giving them a one-mile allowance of land, and working out an understanding that they would not leave this one mile radius - including through the air or underground.

    In exchange, we will be able to trade these simple items for a 1,000gp gem each. I posit that each of us loads up a wagon full of these materials and delivers them to the newcomers. I plan to travel there myself in order to confirm that we are paid as the offer goes and are not double-crossed. If all goes as planned, we should be able to stand down against the horrors.

    For those who think it folly to leave such beings alive and perhaps help their cause, remember that we can scarcely afford to fight yet another battle. Having these beings to our West can only help fend off any incursion of the Wormcult who now roam the Elfwood freely. As a matter of fact, any spies might themselves get understandably worried at our mustering all these items so near the edge of their newly acquired territory!

    Please share your thoughts! I am personally in favor of collecting profit as long as the horrors themselves live and let live. If their trade is merely a ruse, we crush them immediately. Do the Skull Collectors stand together on this matter?

    Publius Fulminator Amicus, Prelate of Noviodunum

    1. Tiberio supports this proposal. I've been becoming increasingly worried about how isolated we are in terms of allies. If this is a double cross we lose very little as long as we survive the exchange, and if its legit the advantages are huge.

      I'm still waiting for the backlash from disrupting the sacrifice at that temple. Regaining one safe border is definitely worth the risk in my opinion.

      1. I was wanting to travel to orchester to do some recruiting and/or shopping anyway, so the items the horrors want could be added to my list.

    2. For our overall strategic plan, what should our next move be?
      -if we make piece with the horrors, we still have the active enemy of the wormcult to the west
      -Dengwuir is to the east, and probably not thrilled about the sacrifice being disrupted
      -Therks, former allies of Dengwuir to the south
      -Porchester to the north, extremely unhappy with us

      Porchester hasn't made any aggressive moves at us. Are they still dealing with the monkeys?
      Dengwuir hasn't counter attacked yet. How strong is his alliance with the Therks?

      I still want to take another shot at the wormcult. The wormcult is our most active enemy at the moment. Ending them permanently would completely secure one border and provide area for another domain or two if we drive them from the elfwood.

      1. By next move I mean after we resolve the horrors. And assuming something else doesn't force us to react.

      2. The only reason Portchester hasn't totally attacked to the South is that they fear the Old Ones to their East.

    3. Murderface would like to get a second shot at the wormcult, almost had that wormpriest last time. Plus I'd get to thump some bugbears, and I do love killing goblins.

      But the offer of 1000gp for just dumping scrap metal seems worthwhile. It seems to me, though, that we should load up as much of that stuff as we can lay our grubby hands on between Yoeville and Badaxe Hold, and see if we can't empty those guys of gems.

      1. They will have to pay us a LOT of gems to make it worthwhile. Otherwise we'll drive them off into the Elfwood. Let the Wormcult deal with 'em.

      2. We have to consider the future. If this could essentially become an exclusive high profit trade route for us, its worth exploiting instead of just attacking and taking the current stock of gems. Historically, many nations have gained huge amounts of power on the world stage through trade instead of controlling large amounts of territory. A profit of even just a few thousand gold per month (less than our current personal upkeep) could be hundreds of additional soldiers in our armies.

        If we do hit the wormcult, I have no qualms about looting and pillaging the hell out of those bugbear/goblin families and driving the the prisoners into the horrors clutches in exchange for gems. Wealth can pretty much be converted directly into more power in terms of expanded strongholds, mercenaries, magic research and so on.

      3. Let's work with them. Team together and wipe the whole ass of the world clean!
        And collect skulls.

    4. The deal is done! The horrors have negotiated a truce with Yoesville and expect some shipments of stuff (which I'm sure won't be used to construct more horrors to crush us, right?).

      In other news, once the deal is made Clovis would like to have an audience where he hands out rewards to the defenders of Yoesville.

    5. The Masked Archer was only along against the clockworks because you guys shone the Archer-Signal. But, in the backrooms of Stately Archer Manor, the phrase "Nobody takes a bite out of Nixon and gets way with it" has been heard.

      1. I'm sure the loot we get from the clockworks will soothe those frowny jowls.

    6. You know, the other thing too, is now we know more about the strengths and weaknesses of those horrors. I mean, what are the odds that they might change something between now, and when we finish them off.