Friday, January 9, 2015

Noviodunum Domain

Once Amicus wakes from death, he immediately makes plans for settling the island of Noviodunum. His plan is to build a temporary stronghold along the Western side just across the river Patronus from the Yoesville bridge. That way, he can carry forays out into the island to drive off any remaining undead legions. The stronghold itself will be known as "The Foothold". It is made primarily of earthworks built using the Spade of Colossal Excavation, along with a wooden palisade and towers and a series of basic barracks. A large stone building will act as Amicus' first fortified church on the island until the undead threat is removed completely.

The work should take 18 days. I'm thinking that with Yoesville so close we'll call the island "borderlands" for stronghold value and settling families purposes. There will be 187 families settling in and around "The Foothold" in 48 days - approximately October 20th, 1431.

For a garrison, Amicus is gaining 180 followers. They have excellent morale (+4) and will work for free as long as they are fed and garrisoned. They will also completely be there by October 20th.
  • 30 Heavy Cavalry
  • 30 Medium Cavalry
  • 30 Bowmen
  • 30 Slingers
  • 20 Light Infantry
  • 40 Heavy Infantry

    Finally, Amicus gains the services of a number of clerics. He nets only one follower - Ganeus Tiberia, a second level cleric of Jupiter who arrives soon after construction starts.

    Amicus expects to start creating magic items for the other Skull Collectors over the next few months in exchange for their support. He hopes to bolster the Skull Collectors' might while seeing to the security of his flock at the same time.

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