Friday, January 16, 2015

New Plans

Since the Clockwork Horror threat has been addressed (for now), I'll be taking over as GM this week. I figure we'll do the weekly lightning rounds as we had done before with a push back card revealed every other week or so (GM's choice).

Amicus plans to use the time to create magic items, probably starting with magic leather armor so if anyone happens to have some magic leather already he could *really* use that as a sample to create a recipe. Failing that, he will crank out potions of extra-healing by the gallon. If anyone has any requests, post your requests here and I'll create a schedule. Amicus will probably stop adventuring until the majority of the other PCs have reached 9th level as well.


  1. Tiberio wants to discuss the possibility of establishing a small estate somewhere on the border of Yoesville. Basically it would serve as a base for all of Hydra Legion not hired out and generate some revenue from taxes to offset costs. Depending on the location it would also serve as a shield for Yoesville against enemies coming from that direction, and the Hydra Legion would march to defend Skull Collector territory whenever needed. I intend to continue to funnel personal funds towards Hydra, so its going to have a very large garrison for its size. I also plan on leaving a large force of berserkers in the basement for emergancies.

    Long term, when/if Tiberio gains control of the Quinteri region the estate could be transferred to Yoesville control. Logistically, controlling an area on the far side of Dengwuir's Empire probably wont work unless we bring it down first, and I'd like to start having a domain before then. I also see no reason to wait until level 9, mages don't get much that is relevant to building up a domain and I have spare cash.

    Accomplishing this might be more than a lightning round, but I'd like to do it soon.

  2. i know manfred still has some spells to research
    and rinaldo still has to find edwulf

  3. Murderface needs some clergy of Bor, to impress Rageburg with.