Monday, January 19, 2015

Hail Hydra

The attack on the Hydra Legion as they build up their stronghold in the ashes of Edge was a short skirmish. It lasted only one "battle round" before the bugbears fled, and was a pretty even exchange. I divided the troops into platoons of 30 men each and cavalry lances of 15 riders. I rounded the light and heavy infantry together as "light infantry" and rounded the berserkers up to an even three platoons. The bowmen were one shy of two platoons, so I figured the lone crossbowman made a perfect two platoons. All the remaining cavalry just totalled over fifteen, which made a single lance. The forces and associated battle ratings were:

The Hydra Legion
  • 3 Platoons of Berserkers -- BR 3 (3*1)
  • 2 Platoons of Light Infantry -- BR 3 (3*1)
  • 2 Platoons of Bowmen -- BR 3 (3*1.5)
  • 1 Lance of Light Cavalry -- BR 3.5 (1*3.5)

    Vanec's Raiders
  • 4 Platoons of Bugbear Infantry -- BR 24 (4*6)
  • 4 Platoons of Goblin Infantry -- BR 2 (4*0.5)
  • 2 Platoons of Goblin Archers -- BR 1 (2*0.5)
  • 4 Platoons of Hobgoblin Infantry -- BR 4 (4*1)

    The Hydra Legion gets 4 hits, but the Bugbears get 5. The Berserkers and two platoons of light infantry are lost, as well as 4 platoons of goblin infantry, 2 platoons of goblin archers, and a platoon of hobgoblin infantry. The bugbears withdraw and Hydra decides not to pursue into the forest for fear of a trap.

    After the battle, 50% of each unit that was destroyed are crippled or dead while the other 50% are lightly wounded. The victorious army's wounded troops return to their unit in one week. The defeated army's wounded troops become prisoners.

    So of the 84 berserkers, 42 will return in a week (assuming they aren't just summoned constructs, which I'm betting they are). Of the infantry, 26 light infantry are dead, with the remainder returning to duty in a week. Of the 17 heavy infantry, 8 are slain and the remainder will return in a week. No Hydra bowmen or cavalry were lost.

    The spoils of war for defeating the raiders is equal to a month's wages for each defeated unit. That comes to 540gp total. Of the raiders, a full 90 goblins survived with wounds, as well as 15 hobgoblins. Each slave is worth 40gp if sold into slavery. I'm quite sure that the Clockwork Horrors would pay that price in gems for slave labor if it were offered, but that's up to Jason. Alternately, some or all of these prisoners may be kept as slave laborers (see page 250-251 of the main rulebook).

    The men of the Hydra Legion expect at least 50% of these proceeds to go to them on a pro rata basis in relation to their wages. Each gp they earn equals an XP they earn. Track troop XP on a unit-by-unit basis. Troops become 1st level fighters after earning 100gp. Troops do not earn XP for fighting, only the spoils of war.

    However, Tiberio himself as overall leader of the force earns XP equal to 50% of the units defeated. He would have to split the remaining 50% with any sub-commanders he employs, but since Helpful Bill was not available he gets all the XP. Goblins at 5XP each earn him (120*5 + 60*5) 900XP. The Hobgoblins at 15XP each earn him (30*15) 450XP for a total of 1350XP.


    1. thanks for running the numbers. My intentions were to march all the prisoners to the horrors and give them first pick, since they offered 1000gp per 10. I don't know how many they can take or what else people were selling them. It sounds like there were 105, plus the 5 I put to sleep in the battle we played out. so 110 total available to sell.

      I was wondering, Since I'm setting up at the abandoned town of Edge, is any of that infrastructure available to use as an urban settlement in my domain? Would it provide a discount on the price to establish a town? If so, how much?

      1. Have you decided what to do with these prisoners? Clovis will buy them all as a workforce for 4400 gold.

    2. >>is any of that infrastructure available to use as an urban settlement in my domain

      There was little infrastructure to begin with. Let's say that there were a few dirt-poor farmhouses available and maybe some basic waterworks. Let's say 1000 gp worth of infrastructure tops.

    3. I don't know if the horrors would give us top dollar for those slaves anymore. That may be a question for Jason.

    4. alternatively we can keep these slaves and send em out towards skull mountain for mining purposes to get more materials for the clockworks

    5. if the horrors wont pay top dollar they could be for sale to anyone that wants them. Even if I wanted them all, I can't keep more than a few without tanking my domain's morale.

    6. The clockwork horrors will purchase the goblins and hobgoblins at the 40gp each rate. They also offer 10gp apiece for the bodies of the dead goblins/hobgoblins, as well (as long as they can be delivered relatively fresh).

      The horrors are still offering what amounts to 10gp per stone of iron or copper.

      1. I believe it is true that the Horrors have a limit to the amount they can pay. Is that true? If so, they may start negotiating a little more aggressively.

      2. They have 15,000gp in gems of assorted flavors left. They can break it down to lesser amounts for less than full loads.

        Some races of slaves they'll offer more for, but humans, goblins, and hobgoblins are at the book rate.

    7. did the materials of iron and copper have to be in raw ore form, or is salvaged swords and armour and what not perfectly fine ?