Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Rageburg Domain Notes
  • 540 Families
  • Neutrally Aligned
  • Worships Northron Gods
  • 68 square miles (~4.6 mile radius around Rageburg itself)
  • Market Class VI*

    The Stronghold
    Rageburg was built on an ancient Ardean guardpost abandoned as the Empire fell. It consists of a large round tower 30' in diameter, with an abandoned dungeon level that are said to be "haunted". It is said that this was once one of the Ardean Augur's Towers. Surrounding the tower is an earthen rampart topped with 20' high stone walls in a state of disrepair. Rageburgers aren't very handy, apparently.

    The Garrison
    The garrison of Rageburg consists of:
  • 30 Light Infantry (non-berserking scout types)
  • 60 Berserkers (BR as heavy infantry, but in chain and two-handed weapon)
  • 30 Bowmen
  • 15 Light Cavalry

    They live in barracks just outside the stronghold and wander the countryside protecting the populace.

    The Guild
    There is a criminal guild operating in Rageburg acting as a trading house. It has been a public "secret" that anyone who wants to do business in Rageburg must make an offering to the Medusa's Glance Trading Company "or else". Furthermore, in order to control a monopoly on hard goods in Rageburg, Medusa's Glance won't let anyone else come and trade for iron or wood. That makes creating metal armor or weapons twice the cost and raises the cost of any construction by 2.5 times the cost it would normally be.

    1. this is now part of murderface jacks domain correct ?

      1. No, this is Bob/Gorna's domain. Bob's going to give Murderface the tower Graf, since he's going to be a married man in charge of Rageburg.