Monday, December 2, 2013

Sharing the Tiles project

The question has arisen of sharing the Dungeon Tiles for home access for prospective DM's.  I've thought of a couple of plans:

1)  I could make sketches of each tile (several to a page) and scan and upload them.  

2)  We could take photos of them, post them on the wiki, or something.

3)  I could just lend people the stack between games.   I don't forsee designing any more dungeon levels in the near future, since there is still a fair amount of Skull Mountain unexplored.

4)  I could just give people some blank tiles, the formula is pretty straight forward:   All entrances and exits are at the 5" to 7" mark on anywhere from 1 to 4 sides of the tile.


  1. The sketches could be good enough, as long as it's big enough to tell one from another, and scan them in.

    It's a sizable project, but I don't really mind borrowing the stack if need be.

  2. Maybe show up a few minutes early on Sunday and we can see how various options might work.