Thursday, December 26, 2013

Book of Amicus, Chapter 44

Joy of joys! My research has finally borne fruit. It was by happenstance that I was able to secure the slim, dusty folio known only as the "Smokables of the Flamen Dialis" from my contacts to the South. I have paid a considerable fee of 200 gold coins to make sure it made the trip intact. It is considered apostasy by the formal Church of Bor so the recipes and chants contained therein were lost when the Empire fell, or so I thought. In it I have uncovered the following:

  • Blessing of Agnitia: By blowing into the face of a hurt ally the smoke pulled from the serpent-entwined pipe of Asclepius miraculous healing can be performed. Wounds can be closed and fear dispelled using a more potent form of the verses I knew for Jupiter's own basic blessing. (Cure Moderate Wounds)
  • Fellowship of Faunus: The blessed fumes of the sacred pipe extends to the animal world as well. By lighting smokables are appropriate for the creature and situation, I am now able to make them more agreeable and friendly to me. (Charm Animal)
  • Jupiter's Vengance: When in the presence of a thunderstorm, smoking this melange of tobacco allows the faithful to guide Jove's hand and call ruinous thunderbolts on unsuspecting enemies. (Call Lightning)

    In other news, my henchman Louse continues to do a great job. I recently gave her a 100gp bonus for her hard work.

    (+200 "banked" gp, and a simple 100gp stipend goes to Louise for her achievements)

    1. Murderface will spend 2500gp having the 'Murderface House of Rage' built in Badaxe Hold. The house of rage will be a place to teach the groups of youngsters that flock around Murderface how to get in touch with their inner fury, and also be a kind of club house.

      Cassandra will get her 200gp bonus.