Monday, December 16, 2013

GM-Less Game Part 2

I propose that our next game, we play a GM-less "autopilot" session. Let me pitch it thusly:

  • I'll create a map/terrain of our base
  • Our guards report seeing something sketchy
  • At a randomly determined time, our base is attacked
  • Assuming we drive off the attack successfully, we may track the attackers back to their lair
  • A small dungeon lair of the attackers is then assaulted

    Random Factors:
  • What is attacking?
  • Why are they attacking?
  • When are they attacking?
  • Where is their lair, and what does it look like? Is it above ground? Below ground? Half and half?
  • How many of them are there? If there are a lot of them and they are powerful, are there factions?

    I'll examples of random factors and ask for submissions. I'll draw cards during play and be the "proxy GM", playing Pontifex Amicus as a quiet NPC while arranging what the attackers do. I'll also see that we all share in what the "bad guys" do by assigning each of us a unit of baddies to control. Imagine that instead of Dave controlling Ogres, Orcs, Pigdogs, etc, that we roll for our PCs AND roll for the baddies we control.

    Ideas? Concerns?

    Dave - Do we have any description of what our base looks like? Is it a manor like a building, or is it a palisade? How should we introduce the "masked adventurer"? Perhaps he carries with him an important piece of information that endears him to the group (and actually reads it off the randomly picked card)?

    1. We can even take our time looting Skull Mountain, hoping that these unknown baddies don't attack while we are away. Because...that could suck.

    2. Actually that'd be kind of neat, us each running one one group of baddies (or one baddy), and defending our base from some sort of attack.

    3. There is a 2-tile map of the home base (Skull Manor)--based on the typical floor plan of a Roman house.

    4. Yes, it is on the same 12"x12" brown cardboard tiles as the Dungeon Tiles

    5. I've created a shared Google document with my current ideas.

      I say we pick the best ones, and I'll stat up some goon squads, and then go to town.

    6. Something else to consider is having a couple of factions trying to attack our base at once. Imagine if a pile of orcs deciding to attack at around the same time as some bounty hunters try to collect the bounty. Or a Bastardville revenge squad coming after us while Dengwur's acolytes come to see why their lackey hadn't responded.

      I think we'd do well to keep away from Spanky's bad side.

    7. Good point. Let's add a twist section that could include another faction of baddies.

    8. I am fixing to have an outline and card draws all set up for us assuming we want to go this way. I hope we can use the GM Engine Dave picked up for any loose ends that might show up.

    9. I found an online FLASH version of the Mythic GM Emulator here: