Monday, December 23, 2013

Choking Nerf

Whilst investigating which spells to take for my next level, I came across this detail from the Choking Grip spell:
The choking grip lasts so long as the caster concentrates upon it, or until the target makes a successful saving throw.
Essentially, we shouldn't have been able to kill the leader because the spell would be done once the first saving throw was successful. Sorry.


  1. I had thought he failed the first saving throw. But, I guess Marlon wouln't have throw the Polymorph then.

    In any case, Marlon would have broken concentration to use the Wand, so the sheep wouldn't have been choking.

    Spilled Milk

  2. Yeah, I believe that the target rolls a save each and every round until they make one.

  3. I actually remembered that during the game...but I wasn't going to chuck it.

    Hopefully Dave doesn't run the vader grip at me and say, "I find your lack of chucking....disturbing."