Monday, December 30, 2013

Book of Amicus, Chapter 45

The Skull Collectors have several new trophies! My new found powers given by the almighty pantheon led by my master Jupiter has proved to be useful. The Skull Collectors have turned aside a malicious attack by the forces of Lucius Bastardo, and discovered an small underground complex of rooms below Skull Manor.

I have set up a storage rack in one of these underground rooms. There I have been jarring and pickling many of the bits and pieces I've collected from our arcane enemies:

  • The eyes and blood of a medusa
  • The teeth of two gargoyles
  • The blood of a Giant Weasel
  • The petrified, demonic feces of four spirit apes
  • Fingers from 4 of Lucius Bastardo's lieutenants
  • A wizard's tongue
  • The blood of a dozen orcs
  • The muscles and ligaments of four ogres
  • The claws and muscles of a werewolf
  • The brains and ichor of 15 ghouls
  • The sticky tongues and feet of 7 giant gecko lizards
  • The fungus spores of 4 shriekers
  • The fangs and tails of 2 giant rattlesnakes
  • The organs of a chaos serpent
  • Bone chips of 10 animated skeletons

    1. Wait, so you DIDN'T put up a buffet downstairs then?

    2. Add to the list the stink glands of a dozen trogledites along with the flesh and viscera of 8 heads of a hydra.

    3. Add to this list the flayed hide of a phase tiger, giant tiger beetle, a giant python skull, a dozen or so old one eyeballs, and the blood of eight ogres.