Saturday, November 5, 2011

Wealth Mechanism

If you're using Savage Worlds, why not use a Savage Worlds style mechanism for wealth.   Have each character have an extra Ability Score:  Wealth.    To buy something you'd make a normal ability check to see if you could afford it.    Perhaps saying that ordinary gear is free, and only extrordinary items require a roll.   You could impose a -2 or -4 for really big ticket item.  Your "richies" could be one-time bonuses or re-rolls to a wealth roll.

I'd probably disallow the "Wild Die" for wealth rolls.

Everyone would start with a d4 in wealth.  So, if you wanted to buy a car or a motor boat, or something like that, you'd need to roll a 4 to do so.   If you took the "Poor" flaw, you'd have a d4-2 on rolls.   If you took the "Rich" advantage, you'd start with a d8 in wealth (and so forth with super-rich and noble advantages).    You could increase your wealth by spending an advance (once per tier).    If you got money somehow and didn't spend advances, you obviously didn't invest your money properly and wasted it on liquor and blow.  


  1. This is sort of what I'm going for. However, I want to use the "richies" as a reward system similar to the "boons" that we used in the original campaign. That way, they could spend their "richies" on equipment or henchmen or spaceships or whatever is in the big pile o' cards of stuff that I hope to have available.

    With that in mind, I think it would be kind of silly for every player to roll for each and every card in the deck on the chance that they could be able to "afford" it.

    I have tweaked the "rich" and "poor" advantage so that players either get two or no free "richies" at the start of each game. By default, all PCs get one at the beginning of each session. FYI - one "richie" will buy a support weapon like a machine gun or gain the services of two basic henchmen for a game session.

  2. What if we used this rule to roll to "buy" anything that was <1 "richie"? That way, you couldn't just continue to just buy an army's worth of small stuff. Eventually you would need to burn that last "richie". It would just be random when that might happen. Then as you pointed out, maybe by default you got a d6, but "poor" folks would get a d4 and the more wealthy edges would get a d8 and a d10 respectively to buy the small stuff.