Saturday, November 12, 2011

Orion Time Frame

Jason, Bob, Marlon and I were talking a little about when Andrew's Kings of Orion game should start.  I think we all want to see the Badlands campaign continue.  But, I know that the winter months are just the worst for me wanting to do gaming "homework," while the summer months are when I'm really in to doing game work.

It seemed to me that if Andrew wants to start Kings of Orion,  it would be best if he started in January and ran into June.   I'd make that out as about 10-13 sessions which seems about normal for a Savage Worlds game, and then in June or July we'd take up the Badlands again, allowing either continuation with old characters or a new start with new ones (either way we'd start with mid-level characters).

I for one am really starting to see the long-range effects of building lairs, networks of henchmen etc., and would like to start expanding the vibe with NPC contacts more and more with Badlands.   The time-frame, maintenance, henchmen, hireling, randon event draw, nexus is all developing in a most satisfactory manner, and I'd like to see that continue longer-term than previously.  So, when we are done with Kings, I think that going back to Badlands has a lot of appeal to several of us.

Nevertheless, I do get the itch to actually play a character more and more, so I'd welcome the Kings after Christmas.

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  1. Sounds like a plan. I'll do my best to have the rules finished by Thanksgiving.