Thursday, November 3, 2011

Campaign Questions - What Behaviors Does My Campaign Reward and Punish?

What Behaviors Does My Campaign Reward and Punish?
  • The campaign is about action. Standing around planning and/or searching for traps is frowned upon and wandering monsters will result. Narrating the action is rewarded with "spiffs". This should help players remember that rather than saying "I shoot at this guy", he can narrate his action with something more evocative like "I draw a bead on the Grundorian, hoping to put the laser bolt squarely through his chest".
  • The campaign features subtle player conflict through the "Knightly Motivations", but in the context that their overarching motivations are the same -- the commitment to the Knights of Orion.
  • The campaign also features huge player conflicts hidden as "time bombs" within the campaign in the form of the "Dark Secrets". If these conflicts run the campaign off the rails, I'm okay with that and there will be no punishment. We'll just reboot the campaign.
  • The campaign is kind of an open sandbox in terms of plot since there is no single antagonist, and no single king. The aim of the Knights is to re-unite the kingdom under a single new king, but who that king is, and how unification will be achieved is truly in the hands of the PCs alone.
  • Loot will either be specific items or artifacts, or else just "richies" that represent wealth that player characters collect in-game. I want to get away from looting weak weapons off of mooks, and move toward a game economy where loot is more abstract and meaningful. Basically, anyone with at least one "richie" in their hand should can assume that they may buy one or a few of anything that costs under a richie for free. Only when the player character wants to feed or outfit and army would low-cost items actually cost the player anything.
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