Thursday, November 3, 2011

Campaign Questions - How Does the "Kings" Campaign Do That?

How Does the "Kings" Campaign Do That?
  • Rather than using coinage, player characters will be rewarded with "richie" chips that will take the place of cash/credits/gold. These "richies" can be cashed in to purchase henchmen, equipment, vehicles, etc. These chips will be the basis for the campaign's economy. Players will also be given a single "richie" at the start of each game session.
  • Players start with three "bennies" a game as well as a spread of hero cards in order to allow the players to exercise some narrative control over the game.
  • Players may earn "spiffs" for narrating what their characters do in a particularly illustrative or entertaining way. In this way, we can stay away from lazy, basic commands and force the players to actively participate in the narration of what is going on. "Spiffs" can be used to increase damage, and four "spiffs" can be traded in for a "bennie".
  • The campaign hinges on all the player characters joining forces into a force of knights dedicated to the preservation of the King and Kingdom. In order to encourage this play, as well as to provide different angles for doing so, each player character must choose a Knightly Motivation to follow.
  • Players must also choose a Dark Secret for each of their characters that is essentially a really big secret about that character which will add further intrigue to the mix for the party of PCs.
  • Players will be rewarded experience not only for participation, but also for role playing their "Knightly Motivation"as well as for dropping a subtle hint and/or roleplaying their "Dark Secret". That way a player could gain 1-3 experience points per session.
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