Saturday, November 5, 2011


While we are talking about resources for the KoO game, let me ask you guys what you think about ammunition. In our previous game, only the wild card PCs ever kept track of ammo. I didn't keep track of bad guy ammo at all, and I'm fairly sure that we barely kept track of our henchmen's ammo use.

I'm kind of on the fence about normal ammo (as opposed to grenade-like ammo where the ammo IS the weapon -- there it should be counted). I want to say that every weapon more or less has "unlimited" ammo, and leave it at that. However, then we can't do cool things like three-round-bursts and double-tap shots. It would unbalance things because you would do those shots ALL THE TIME with unlimited ammo.

What do you guys think? Should we count ammo or not? Or maybe only count ammo for wild cards, allowing only them to do 3RB & DTs? Maybe we use a different mechanic where a roll of a one indicates that you have to reload?


  1. I think you should use the Savage Worlds rules as written on this one. The weight limits are a serious factor for PC's carrying gear (especially if money isn't a factor). It nerfs the Brawny edge and increasing one's strenght score if the encumbrance aren't used.

    For NPC's they have that set of rules where they are given a "level" of ammo and each fire-fight has a chance for that level to be reduced. It's right there on the NPC squad character sheets, might as well use it.

  2. Rest assured that I'm not getting rid of any of the encumbrance rules. I suppose you are right about the ammo. I completely forgot about the henchmen ammo tables.