Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Important News for what is to come

From the Daily Tribune, May 23, 1934

Rash of Arsons Sweep City

by Harry Lipshitz
Over the last few weeks, a series of arsons have been committed across Gotham.   Police refuse to consider that they are related, but the repeated use of massive amounts of jellied gasoline and other accelerants seem to argue otherwise.  The Grand Haberdasherium suffered significant damage and will be closed for weeks.  A cab, belonging to 

Isuzu Wakasashi was destroyed in its overnight lot.  The house of Mildred Johnson, mother of the late Walter Johnson, was burnt to the ground.  Noted scientist Dr. Marcel Mattieu is in the hospital with extensive burns over 75% of his body.  This menace must be stopped!

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