Friday, May 19, 2017

Even More Blasts from More Pasts

I've spent a bunch of time reviewing old logs (through the Lords of Hack main site, History Links).
I think that Dave Hanley was with us up to Slipstream (2010). 

I actually really liked the Wilderlands of Hack campaign, despite the fact that it was short and we had real attendance issues.   The adventures were a lot of fun and some neat stuff happened.   Slipstream seemed a bit disjointed.   It seemed we didn't have a lot of agency on our end about what happened.

Gatavia III was just awesome.   The two things that were broken were the economy, it seemed an interesting feature, but ended up being more of a bug.   The upkeep fees were just insane, and the domain stuff was more trouble than they were worth.    Second, the summoning magic was just broken.   Every problem could be solved by throwing a hydra or a horde of summoned berserkers at it.  But, the characters were great, the adventures were varied and interesting.

Mutants and Muskets was also a lot of fun.   It was filled with all kinds of crazy, and at the same time had a good sense of the feel of dangerous overland travel, plus crab people.  Remember Cookie's 'Puma Steaks"?


  1. I think Gatavia III has been our longest-lived campaign because it was kind of two games in one. It started as a low-level dungeon crawl, then escalated into the D&D endgame with the domain rules.

  2. That reminds me. I've linked the Melvek Wilds, Northern Marches, and Viking campaigns in the history now as well. Enjoy!

  3. I was basically very relieved that Murderface never actually had to run a domain. As it was, Badaxe Jack's domain never should've lasted, even with the boost it got in the beginning, because it was just way too expensive for a non-adventuring ruler.

  4. I want to play that domain game again with better rules. From first level, preferably. I'm looking for a game where my character isn't a murder hobo, but instead starts with a considerable fortune and a domain.

  5. I think that we can work out something better, using the 5e rules as a base, maybe combining them with some OD&D and AD&D 1e guidelines. I've been watching some youtube guys with some good ideas too. Something for next year, I reckon.