Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Mr. Cheavers enters the second floor conference room of the Team C headquarters building.   He sits down and calmly looks around.

Cheavers:   "Good morning, Mr. Chains, Mr. Malju, Mr. Keys, Mr. Cop.   Where is Captain Freemont, he was supposed to be here."

(Freemont's voice from down the hall):  "I'm on the phone."

Cheavers: "If you would be so kind..."

Freemont (to phone):  "Listen, ma'am, I've told you, Dr. St. Giles isn't here."

Cheavers:  "Are you coming?"

Freemont (to Cheavers):  "Just a second, sir."

Freemont (to phone):  "Miss Weinstein, I told you I'd leave Dr. St. Giles a message, there's nothing else I can do.   This is a firm good-bye."

Freemont (to himself):  "How did that dame get this number?  What was Rhombus thinking?"

1 comment:

  1. Sneaky reporter lady got our phone number! Hope she's not staking out the safehouse. That could be embarrassing for future rendezvous...