Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fall In

I am indeed intending on going to Fall-In on Saturday November 16th for the day.  I've been asking around, and it is possible to show up for the day and register then "but you might not get into a game you want."   I know some of you are interested in coming too, so I don't want to pre-register myself without all of us doing it.

Should we just take our chances and register in person in November, or should we get together sometime this week for an hour and all register online and perhaps do a thing or two together (some or all of us who are going)?  We can pre-register up until October 25.


  1. I'm working from home on Thursday so that evening would be appropriate for me.

  2. That actually works for me too. I'll mail everyone and set it for Thursday at 7. Shouldn't take long.

  3. Holy crap! $45 for non-members?That is expensive for one afternoon.