Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Decius' Journal

An Excerpt from Decius the Forgetful's Personal Journal

I'm no longer able to make contact with my sister here in Portchester. It appears that she has gone to ground and cut her ties with all the old familiar faces. We are both now wanted for the murder of Captain Stanwick, one of the Sword King's stalwart Housecarls and our liaison to the in the city guard. I have no recollection of the murder other than the note written in my own handwriting that reads "Get to the Skull Collectors for Octavia" with smears of blood on it. Could I have been the murderer of Stanwick? I recall him being very kind and thoughtful to me. At least before the accident that robbed me of my memory. Why do I not trust King Osmund? Why would the Sceptre King slay one of the sword kings' finest? I have a notion that perhaps King Thurbrand's cousin Baldwulf the Atheling and his sister Athalwyn are wrapped up in the plot. I must find their whereabouts to get more information! Meanwhile, my plan is to once again track down these mighty "Skull Collectors" and lay low until the warrant for my arrest in Portchester is forgotten.

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