Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Future of the Gotham Campaign

I figure that "To A Bloody Pulp" has reached about mid-point.   We were figuring it to last about a year.   My vision (and it's just that, my 2 cents, we really want to know what everyone wants) of the next half runs as follows:

  • The Goal of the Gotham City Restoration Project is to eliminate 5 of the gangs or factions that threaten the city.   The Wound Ravens only need a strong shove to go (could be in a single session), the Disciples of the Bound Devil are pretty close (could go in 2 sessions).  
  • When 5 gangs are eliminated, then you should all see behind the curtain as to who Mr. Cheavers and the Committee that he answers to really are.
  • Then we can have a grand finale where we fight the mysterious puppet-masters that have pushed the gangs to become so dangerous that Cheavers and his crew had to intervene.
  • If we don't eliminate 5 gangs by January 1 1935 (2018), then we've lost and the terrible consequences unfold.
A GM-less finale session where everyone's character can play sounds fine to me, maybe invading a maze-like lair or just a giant set piece battle with scores of combatants (like the finale of Mutants and Muskets).

As to returning to Gotham, I don't think that that is a question we need to even bring up now.   If we want to come back to Gotham, we can, and when the spirit moves us we can follow its lead.

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  1. I like the idea of a huge set piece battle finale like we ended Mutants and Muskets.