Monday, June 26, 2017

Session 14 Highlights

Skill Challenges:  the Skill Challenge sequences were an entertaining way to handle the investigations.  There were a lot of creative use of skills, and the henchmen got to join in the party.

Supervillains:  because we had so many no shows, I didn't use a fraction of the Irish Supervillains I had created, alas.

Action Shot 1:   The players use a howitzer to ambush Lt. Riley's armored car:
Action Shot 2:   The Team Assaults the Final Hideout of the Wound Ravens:


  1. That unfortunate number of soldiers we burned through. I almost feel like we should call them red shirts, because about the time they really gel showing a personality, they end up dying horribly.

  2. Well this session they were taking hits that should have been wounds to Marlon, Andrew and or Toby. Pinch hitting for PC's is expensive for extras.