Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Skill Challenges

In our next session, I'm going to try something a little different for the investigative turns.   I'm going to used a modified skill challenge system, suggested by this video by Matt Colville:

Colville Skill Challenges

Here's a description of how the investigation will play out:

For Each Investigative turn spent looking for clues, follow this procedure.
  • The players divide into any number of groups, larger groups mean better chance of success, smaller groups means greater possible number of clues discovered.
  • Draw 1 Consequence Card per group
  • Each group undertakes a Skill Challenge. Each player draws a card, and then in initiative order they pick one skill and describe how they are using the skill to look for clues. Cycle through each member of the group, rolling for skill success. Repeat, with each player having to switch skills after each cycle, until either 3 Failures or 5 Successes are made, with a Raise equaling 2 successes.
  • If 5 successes are achieved before 3 Failures, the team gets a Clue, For each additional 3 successes that accrue before 3 Failures, grant an additional Clue Card. But, once 3 Failures total arise, the turn is over.
  • Drawing a clue card which will eliminate 1 hideout location or 1 Holy Ghost identity. (If the first turn proves too easy or difficult raise or lower number of successes needed in subsequent turns). Certain powers can be substituted for a skill check, but again, no repeats.
  • On Turn 12, Doctor Valiant will get to one of the objectives first

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