Monday, February 13, 2017

Revising the Rewards

Just looking for some general thoughts on the reward system

XP and Blue Cards seem to be just fine.

I think it's time to slow down the regular gear deliveries, we seem to have a good base of gear.  Do we need the second delivery round?

There are some squads of troops in the Blue Deck, but we never seem to hit them.   Should we remove them and have the troop and henchmen recruiting happen as a direct result of rewards?

Kill jar, levels too lenient?  Too strict?--I'm actually happy with them as they are, but am wondering.


  1. Vehicles seem to be a big and important perk, particularly seeing how we go through them so fast.

  2. >>I think it's time to slow down the regular gear deliveries, we seem to have a good base of gear.

    What if we get some henchmen ourselves? We may need to equip them.

    BTW, I say we use our "satellite HQ" as the command post for any NPC henchmen so that they can't snitch on the location of our main base.

    For that matter, for NPC briefings at the satellite HQ I say we ask Eugene to be our "leader" on the speakerphone not unlike "Charlie" of "Charlie's Angel's" fame.

    That way even if we all go down, we'll have "Eugene" able to dispatch help to us without our involvement.

  3. Perhaps if we prepare some henchmen.

    On the rewards table, the previous "C" (meaning city goes wild) is replaced with Special Henchman (a deck of skilled specialists0;

    the "P" (meaning positive news story) is replaced with Soldier (a standard henchman),

    N(negative news story) is now no henchman,

    and D (dragnet) becomes henchman deserts?

    1. Okay. Let's make two more decks. One with standard henchmen (an extra with at most a single advance, or two advances and offsetting hinderances - worse could be good too), and another deck of specialists who have up to four advances, or 2-6 henchman squads.

  4. You're right about henchmen equipment, and keeping the gear rolling.

  5. I would like to randomize the payout, too. Maybe for each chip we roll a D6 (exploding, of course) and add up the result which we compare to the payout. I couldn't help but tell them NOT to kill that policeman because I knew the cut off.

    1. That sounds great, but the math is a bit daunting and might take some fiddling. Maybe roll 1d6 per kill chip and each 6 drops you a category, math might be simpler?

  6. That will work. So each chip gives a cumulative 1 in 6 chance that the level will slip. I like it!