Monday, February 13, 2017

Gotham City, New Jersey

Here's the map I saw that based my consideration that our Gotham City was in the South East corner of New Jersey.

Whereas, as Dave had surmised in the 1970's (before the street map we use in the campaign came out) the "World's Finest Comics" put it on the other side of the Delaware River from Metropolis.

Bottom line? I don't know that it matters a bit. I liked the East Coast better because it puts us more in the orbit of Atlantic City, but in the end Gotham is the home we make it!


  1. Man, if Metropolis were in Delaware, traffic to the beach would be astronomically worse.

  2. Bristol County apparently isn't a real place. Somerset County is real, but is landlocked in the middle of the state, not near either Gotham location

  3. Side note. There is no Gotham river, either.