Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Fate of The Beast

Since The Beast is totally wrecked, we need to see if it can be repaired before the next game.  Here's the rule, from the Gear and Rewards document:

Repairing Gear:

            Damage items can be repaired by using Repair skill.   Allow each character with the skill to attempt to fix one item between each session.  If the damage is moderate, make a simple roll, if it is serious or major, require a raise.   If it was truly catastrophic, you may disallow any repair attempt.   Some Blue Special Rewards Cards allow for repair or replacement of damaged or destroyed items.


I would think that the damage to the Beast counts as serious or major.   So, it would require a Raise.  Neither Sister Maria, Captain Freemont, Pumaman, nor Two Chains have repair skill.  I don't know about Friday Jones or Rusty Keys. 

Eugene has repair d4,  Pierre has repair d8.   So, each could make one roll, needed a Raise to repair the Beast.  (No bennie use between sessions, however, and they don't get bennies anyway). 

I reckon that since Andrew is GM next, it's up to him to make the rolls.


  1. I'm inclined to rule that The Beast could be repaired, but that it would take an extended period of time, and that there would be serious functional flaws that the PCs would have to deal with depending on how well the repair rolls went. Some flaws may be:

    * Top speed limited (1/2 max)
    * No reverse gear (put it in neutral and push it back into the garage)
    * No forward armor (the engine always overheats)
    * The car could leave the PCs stranded (if a club is drawn)
    * Machine guns don't aim right (-2 to hit)
    * Wonky steering (-2 to all drive rolls in the future)

    I would like to rule that to get The Beast just RUNNING again will take three successes over time. Each repairman can roll once per game session, or "assist" and give the lead repairman a +2 to his roll.

    After three successes, the car is back in action with THREE permanent flaws. If a roll fails before three successes are made, the car is irreparable. For every raise on the three successes, one of the permanent flaws is ameliorated.

  2. So let it be written, so let it be done.
    Barring any blue card

  3. Man...he don't drive so well, now.