Thursday, March 17, 2016

Wilderlands 5 Discussion

Another good game on Sunday.   I think the cash dynamic is working out really well.   There's pressure to go earn some dough, and a lot of things to spend it on.   I also like the gems and jewelry not being automatically appraised.    I'm trying to keep gem values in line with the AD&D list, so rubies are more likely to be worth more than garnets etc.

I think I've made more than enough henchmen for the deck.  There are freaking metric ton of them in there.  I think the death rate for henchmen might be a little higher than for ACKS, since you have to spend a chip to save them.  

The illusionist spell list is a bit more interesting than I had thought at first.  For example, Invisibility is a first level spell for Illusionists.   I wish I had chosen that for Mister X rather than Phantasmal Force, which is hard to adjudicate in many ways (especially when I'm trying to run the guy and DM him at the same time).

In case you hadn't figured it out, Andrew,  Mister X was meant to be an NPC that you could slip into and play if you had shown up late on Sunday.   When you do indeed rejoin us, I'd expect you to make your own guy, but I wanted to be ready in case this past Sunday.

I'm thinking I might want to play a berserker or fighter at some point.  Maybe after we finish with the Harpy Hunt, I'll design a DM-less session and run a character in it.

Using the DM fate chips is an absolute must.   It ramps up some of the danger that the player Fate Chips blunt.   Also, welcome back to the gang-up bonus.  I seriously missed that in the ACKS campaign. The bonus increases tactical thinking and makes high AC's vulnerable.

The adventure is a bit interesting.   I bought a PDF of an old Judge's Guild product from 1980 called "Book of Ruins".   It contains 10 short adventures, the fourth of which is a Harpy Lair.   This matches up nicely with the Harpies that are said to lair in hex 2020 of the City State map.   So, I sketched out the hex area, placed the first 4 locations on the map and off we went.

I hadn't realized how weird the ruins were in one sense.  They were all approximately the same size, about 50 by 60 feet.  They were all one story, no windows, secure roof and only one entrance.   You'd think ruins would be more, well, ruined.

However, the contents worked pretty well for the characters we had and the session worked out nicely.


  1. I didn't realize that Mr. X was meant to be my character! Thanks for thinking of me. I've got some shows lined up that I'm doing, and my job situation is in flux, but I'll do my best to be at the next game.

    I would love to cook up a GM-less ruin for you all. I figure I'll put it in a series of envelopes that you would open based on certain decision points.

    1. I wasn't counting on you coming, but had a minute or two to prepare a character, so thought it would be a useful precaution if you had arrived at meal time and wanted to play a couple of encounters. It served to give a means to get the party some free transport up river.