Friday, March 11, 2016


Since the last update,  I've added the Healers, Druids, Illusionists, and loot appraisal.  I seriously would like to know if we need any more NPC or PC classes.

The only classes missing from the classic AD&D panoply are Paladins, Rangers, and Assassins.  I don't really see the need for any one of them.   Paladins do come back as a high level prestige class and the classic ranger is just an Aragorn-clone that we really don't need.   Giving the thief a d6 hit points, makes the assassin more or less moot.

The Berserker will do in place of a barbarian, and I don't really see a need for any specialty fighters like a Knight or Cavalier, I think fighters should cover that role well enough.

I don't really even know whether to bother with the Illusionists at all.   In AD&D first edition they had their own spell list, but in the Hackmaster Books they just have a narrow range from the Magic User list.  I guess the description is only a page, so no real harm in including them.

For NPC's:  Lackey, Healer, Alchemist,  any other helper or support character that might be useful?
Herald?  Goon?  Beggar?

Finally, should I edit all this disparate material into a single, new booklet? Or will  just adding it to the back of the current booklet suffice?  I don't consider the editing a chore, so that's not an issue, but is it useful or not to compile?  That's the question. 

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  1. Back of the new book should be enough.

    I think we're pretty much good on the NPC classes, as far as I can see. Healer, lackey, alchemist seem like a good mix.