Monday, April 4, 2016

Wilderlands 6 Discussion

The map certainly made a huge difference.   The fact that the map was so crowded really gave the harpies a chance.   Their AC's were low, and hit points not exceptional, but the fact that it was impossible to bring the whole party to bear allowed them to hang on for a bit.   The fact that Marlon was bedazzled a couple of time took out almost all the party's beef.    Frank's o.k. and Ludwig doesn't seem to have a lot of punch yet.   Having 2 bards spending all their time with buff songs seems to weaken the offensive punch of the party quite a bit.

Still thinking about  next week.   I have three thoughts:

What's underneath the abandoned temple where the Morningstar Inn is built?

How about looking for a special herb for Marlon's herbalist friend, that can only be harvested on the solstice (June 21) in the hag-ridden forest to the north?

Random Dungeon Time?

P.S. We need to start thinking about Mother's Day and the schedule.

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