Thursday, February 18, 2016

Wilderlands Session 3 Discussion

The trifecta is complete.  Session 1: town adventure,  Session 2: overland quest, Session 3 dungeon crawl.

I really like the "Rigor Mortis" spell from Hackmaster, it's basically a Hold Person that also works on the Undead.   I also liked the Dead Priests using a Focus with the spell, with a chance for the PC's to cash in on it.

In case you haven't guessed or noticed, each one of the treasure cards has a code number on it "D1", "D10" etc., and the value is listed in my secret notebook.   I'm intending that the disposal of the various treasure items will form the basic frame for the game next time, so it's time to get to know Viridistan a little better.  

It really doesn't make any sense to describe treasure items and then just lump them into cash value and dispose of them immediately anyway.  I'm glad you've divided the items up and need to deal with your own items individually.   It's funny, I've been trying to give away #D1 for three sessions now, but it's still in my hands.

I intend to give thieves a chance to price loot items, but who is going to trust a thief to tell you what the value of treasure might be.   I suppose some classes like Gnomes and Dwarves might be able to appraise certain items too.

Kudos to Jason for being well-prepared with Acid, Devil Grease and Military Oil.  That's thinking ahead profitably. 

It's lucky Marlon's character is such a bad ass, or he might have ended up in serious trouble.

Man, it was a hard day for henchmen.

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  1. I like to have well-prepared characters. Plus, I had a really good starting cash roll and, as a mage, very little to directly spend it on to start. And, honestly, I'll probably run this character very similar to how Dave ran The Masked Archer (henchmen loaded down with weird/useful crap that could come in handy).