Monday, February 29, 2016

Wilderlands 4 Discussion

(Pictured, Blastocles gets a job)

Small turnout, interesting session.  

I haven't had a full-session City Adventure for many, many years.   Having the City-State book, filled with NPC descriptions, from Bureaucrats to Sage Schools, to Alchemists made things very interesting.    I especially liked the description of the Zhir Criminal Court and the natures of the three judges.   The gem wholesaler who's a total chiseler was kind of fun too.   The city map, on the other hand, did not seem so very important this time around.

I guess I should have expected someone to get arrested for murder at some point, but I totally did not foresee that.   Since Marlon got surprise on the waiting thieves, and then attacked them first in broad daylight, and then randomly encountered a militia patrol that was randomly suspicious and then he didn't even try to run or even talk his way out of things, it was going to happen.   I suppose on second thought that I shouldn't have been able to foresee that.

That scarab of Charm Person--best magic item ever.

That "Excellent Penmanship" turns out to be far more valuable than one might think.   I really do like the random perk cards in general.

The new reaction tables worked out well, and ended up getting a real work out.

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