Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Wilderlands Session 2 Discussion

Knock, Knock
Who's There?
Blastocles who?
I cast sleep spell.

A most enjoyable session all around.   There were really only 3 combat encounters (horse thieves, centipedes, and breaking into Mant's house) and one of those was pretty minimal combat wise.  It was a heavily role-played session and the chips for experience really made that easy to do without penalizing the players.

There was a fair amount of treasure, but a rather large amount of it, if not all of it got sucked up in expenses.   I suppose that's why people go into dungeons, to get a bunch of treasure in a short period of time and so to get ahead of the expense curve.

I liked how the Focus items rules worked out in practice.   The Hypnotic Scarab of Mant Fildoo was just the perfect tool in play, and the fact that it miraculously survived Fildoo's death was a nice bonus. 

We didn't get a lot of use out of combat options.   Wandering Frank did Rampage a few times, but always seemed to hit his regular attack and miss his rampage attack.  Using ability checks to decide all the things that other versions use skill checks to do is just peachy in play.  We didn't have to worry about not having "Jumping Skill" or "Animal Husbandry" or other such nonsense when the logs came down and the horses started fighting.

Using the Wilderlands map for the adventure worked very well too.   There's just enough detail to get the ball rolling for all kinds of encounters, minor and major.  Taltar!!!


  1. Short of stature,
    Tall of power,
    Wide of vision,
    Narrow of focus.

  2. Also, you mean 'Blastocle's Beetle of Bewitchment'.