Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Stage is set for Session 50

For the last month, rumors have been flying through the taverns of the Badlands that a new threat has arisen, calling for the overthrow of the Skull Collectors.
Rumors have come and gone, but in the last few days the Masked Archer of the Apocalypse has reported to his fellow Collectors that this threat calls himself the EXALTED MASTER and has gathered an army, including hiring Milton's Massacre Men.   The army has begun to move toward Diggers, and Rinaldo, in return has gathered what Skull Collectors and sallied to meet them.

Messengers have arranged that the Collectors will meet with the Herald of the Exalted Master at the Crypt of Pomponius Mago, halfway between Diggers and Milton's.

Behold: the area around the Crypt

Behold!  2 Bands of Milton's Massacre Men enter the field,  some spearmen and a hardy band of mighty knights.

 Behold!  The Herald of the Exalted Master and his lackeys surmount the Crypt of Pomponius Mago


  1. Featuring the tiniest photos evar!!1! Sweet!

  2. Good news everyone! I think I can make it Sunday for the epic conclusion of the Badlands Campaign.

  3. Sadly I will not be able to join in the epic conclusion :(

  4. Haha, we'll be doing something aboveground that Murderface will finally be able to use his griffons. You know, if he remembers them this time.