Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Masked Archer's Epilogue

The Temple of Mars Ultor and the Rise of the House of Nixon

Having recovered the lost Tome of the Mamertine Apocalypse, The Masked Archer of the Apocalypse put forth great efforts to rebuild the Temple and a headquarters for the revived Protectores. With this band of loyal spies and assassins, The Masked Archer turned his efforts toward driving every last Therk from the Badlands, and then to harass them in their homeland.

Meanwhile, the Masked Archer's henchman Mysterious Clive was granted the honor to examine the Tome of the Mamertine Apocalypse. Although he found many amazing and useful secrets of the ages, he had one piece of horrible news for the Masked Archer: the magic that the Old Ones must have used to break all the Augurs' Towers at once was irreversible, the demonic forces released could never be contained by similar towers again. Clive eventually leaves the service of the Masked Archer to establish his own research tower at Hod.

From this time onwards, the Masked Archer spent some token time protecting the temples of the Ardean gods, and some time bothering the Therks, but more and more he was consumed in hunting down and massacring the Old Ones wherever they might be found. He was a constantly pitching an alliance with Portchester and even Dengwur against the Old Ones. He became so obsessed that he was eventually expelled from the Royal Court of Gatavia and simply lurked in the Temple of Mars, only venturing forth to slaughter Old Ones from the shadows.

The only one to profit from the growing isolation of the Masked Archer was Trusty Nixon. Nixon at first began to manage the day-to-day affairs of the Protectores, making a tidy profit doing so. One day, he resigned the post in favor of a true believer called the Shadow Blade of the Apocalypse and took his sizeable fortune across the river to the east and established a mighty fortress at the site of an old Therkish outpost. Swearing loyalty to the King of Gatavia, Nixon became known as Earl Nixon the Warden of the East March and founded grand noble house.

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