Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Rinaldo's Story

a man we once trusted as a brother who had forced us down a path as outlaws now lays dead, as Rinaldo watches the smoke and flame billow from punchy's pyre he cannot help but wonder if he was a chaotic agent from the beginning, as the flames begin to die down word was received of a rebellion in tiberios domains dispatching manfred, beavis and dead eye hayes to quell the uprising
Rinaldo sets his sights on securing his domain
while spending time in the library researching the harvest ritual he met a young and aspiring venturer by the name of Ronald Frump, who he hired to administer the town of the diggers

this village was soon re-organised into the Diggers Excavation Company, hiring some of the greatest architectural and engineering minds in the province
Hearing of the death of King Amicus concerned Rinaldo greatly though at times he disagreed with the king he never disagreed with the gods who placed him upon the throne

as Rinaldo completes his harvest ritual, the diggers, the warlock keep the death troopers and remaining massacre men that have sworn fealty to Rinaldo all enjoy the benefits sewn
 and as Manfred Beavis and Hayes return from the rebellion rinaldo places them each in charge of a small domain
Manfred and his massacre men
Deadeye hayes and her death troopers
Mighty beavis see's to the warlock keep
each domain see's its population growing quickly as word spreads of food and farm work in abundance
for 2 weeks of every month Rinaldo calls upon his most trusted henchman to conduct small guerrilla raids against dengwur and the old ones, to ensure that they keep fighting  each other and keeping the south eastern flank of the badlands secure

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