Monday, March 2, 2015

Skull Coalition Avian Recon Echelon

Now that we have decided on crows and ravens as the animals we choose to represent the Skull Coalition, let's discuss exactly what these animals will be looking for and how they will report back to the appropriate handler. These animals will collectively be known as the Skull Coalition Avian Recon Eschelon or SCARE. With any luck, they should "scare up" news of trouble before it gets to us.
  • Gorna will be in charge of animals investigating to our South
  • Amicus' animals will watch to the East
  • Osborn will watch to the West
  • Rinaldo and Sister Helena will monitor the North

    1. thats easy
      just have them as keywords linked to number of chirps
      1 chirp - undead
      2 chirps - old ones
      3 chirps - clockwork horrors
      or you could teach them the language of bee's, bees have a vast array of different dances that they use to communicate within their hive things like where food is etc

      i would definitely recommend pidgeons for the area around the clockwork horrors due to the fact they see magnetic lines, being metallic constructs they would be better observers of that region

      1. Actually you could have pictures or symbols for the birds to tap or drop pebbles in front of or something similar.

      2. yeah thats a pretty good idea

    2. one problem is that crows can't really count above the number 7

    3. All we really want to know is wherever there are a whole lot of them on the move.

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    5. I do have one little hitch for you. You will need an example, or frame of reference, for the crows to train to look for.

      For the clockwork horrors, you could use the remains you gathered from that initial fight, or the live one the Masked Archer captured. And the birds will be smart enough to keep out of the range of the horrors' weapons.

    6. I just copied these stats out of the player's book from the Shaman entry.

      Crow/Raven Move 330/110 fly, AC1, HD 1/ 4, #AT 1, Dmg 1d3-1

      Good news is that they can move fast enough to outrun just about any other flying creature. Could almost be out of arbalest range in one round of movement.

      Bad news is they REALLY won't get close to anything dangerous, because they're fully aware of how squishy they are.

    7. they dont need to get close to anything dangerous, they can see for miles