Monday, March 9, 2015

Expansion of Fort Hydra

During the week that Tiberius was sleeping, Muttering Osborn was using funds gifted from Tiberius's treasury to expand Fort Hydra.  The stronghold is being expanded with a medium tower so the domain can control more land.  This tower will be finished in the middle of December.  Assuming no one has any objections the new area will angle south and west in the unclaimed lands towards the road that runs towards Valdar (formerly Wormcult).  This will serve to help guard the quickest path any rebelling beastmen raiders could take towards the Skull Coalition.

The town has also been reestablished and agricultural improvements made to attract more families.  Fort Hydra is now a class VI settlement with 75 families and another 117 in the surrounding countryside.


  1. Both, I named the town Hamatar and the main province it is in Valdar, I am also using Valdar as the name of the overall realm too. Sorry if that's confusing, I can come up with other names if needed.