Sunday, March 8, 2015

Amicus' Coronation Speech

Here is a written version of the speech Amicus gave following the liberation of the veteran armies and the marriage to Octavia the mystic of Hod. It might be appropriate to post in the post script of the log.
With this marriage sealing a divine pact between Ardea's Jupiter and Westron's Juno, we unite the entire province of Gatavia under a single banner to oppose the other-worldly forces of law and chaos that threaten our world. Make no mistake, the seeds of this kingdom have been planted only because of the combined might of the Skull Collectors and the various elements of the Skull Coalition. This crown belongs to all of the Skull Collectors as much as it belongs to anyone, and I look forward to our continued partnership to the end of driving the otherworlders from our province, and our nation, and ultimately the whole world of Baldgarth. Three cheers for the Skull Collectors! Long live the Coalition!


  1. Rinaldo is formally requesting the position of Arch Bishop of Gatavia or Noviodunum ? whichever is more relevant in this new kingdom
    and as much as i didn't want to rinaldo is probably the best qualified to officiate the nuptials

    1. If Amicus is to be titled "King of Gatavia", he would insist that all the other Skull Collectors choose suitably impressive Gatavian titles as well. "Archbishop of Gatavia" seems about right.

      Unfortunately, as Octavia is of Westerling descent and Amicus himself is a cleric of Ardean origin, she would be in charge of choosing the officiant of the ceremony. If she were to choose any of the Skull Collectors (and she may not depending on how long she has been cursed) she would choose Gorna.

    2. You should choose Murderface to officiate. I can see it now:

      'You wanna marry him? You wanna marry her? Good, you're married now. Where's the bar?'

    3. Much to Amicus' concern, it appears that Octavia has found her officiant. "Murderface, lady Octavia? Are you sure?", Amicus asks. "He gets directly to the truth, my lord.", Octavia replies. "Just as you and the Skull Collectors will liberate Gatavia." Amicus sighs. "Very well! It will be *quite* the celebration."

    4. Well, Murderface is probably one of the highest level representatives of the Northron religion in the badlands, as basically the head of the Cult of Woden in the area.