Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mutants and Muskets

I've probably said this before, but the campaign structure for Mutants and Muskets is working out surprisingly well.    For something we just sort of stumbled into without of lot of extensive planning.  Basically, it was a gear list, with some items locked and some unlocked, and a series of missions to unlock the locked gear.  That plus the overland map, 1 page of faction description, and and 1 page of overland encounter rules and there's the campaign.  I just need to make up a few mutant cards and sometimes a dungeon map of some sort and it's all a go.  

Of course, it is Savage Worlds, so it's always a matter of waiting until someone aces you on damage repeatedly and you die.  

The ease and the success of the game so far does give me some pause about ACKS.  It makes me worry that I may end up over-planning.   If minimal planning works well, why risk serious planning.  On the third hand, we have a long history of 20-30 session D&D campaigns and 10-12 session Savage Worlds games.   So, maybe I'm over-thinking over-planning.

I'm still unsure of our future timeline.   Are we going to just keep plugging away with M&M until October-ish when Andrew returns (8 or 10 sessions more I guess), or do we start ACKS this summer, at the peak of my Mojo season?  


  1. It would be nice to get a little ACKS session or two in before we start the real game. It'd give those of us with no previous experience with the system a chance to see how it works.

  2. Dave, I think your minimal planning works well. Maybe a few planned things here and there.

    As much as I am eager to start ACKS, we're still having fun on M&M right now.

  3. FWIW I love your planned stuff. Remember Elsenmoo the Troll Cow?