Thursday, May 9, 2013

Great Googly-Moogly

It turns out that when I wasn't looking, I've collected another quite large pile of miniatures to paint.   Not nearly as big as I had several years ago, but still appreciable.    I painted my 30 frontiersmen a couple of months ago, but now, looking over my pile, I see about 30 animals,  a giant I didn't know I'd bought,  a bugbear,  some Lord of the Rings hobbits,  a "dwarf command group", a Lord of the Rings Theoden (mounted and on foot), a LOTR Bull-roarer Took (mounted and on foot), a box of plastic Vikings  (my god, I thought I had sworn never to by another medieval or ancient group of spear-armed infantry) and some Warhammer mounted knights.    I, of course, realize the backlog AFTER ordering a dozen Reaper lizardmen and one last order of various ants, spiders, rats and centaurs from Megaminiatures before they close up shop.

Well, I'll get cracking on the animals, giant and bugbear today (have to use some personal days before the year ends) and see where it takes me.


  1. Will this be foreshadowing our encounters next week?

  2. Let me just pitch this: Crab-people

  3. So the crab people know what our encounters will be next week?