Monday, May 6, 2013

I had been hoping....

I really had been hoping that you guys were going to go to the Bat Guano Caves this week.   As much as the expeditions to the south, down the timber country and across the prairie have provided us with exciting adventure, I was really hoping for a change, a short overland trip and then some cave-crawling.  But, over the prairie it was.

I also had been hoping for a battle with the Apaches.  I mean, come on, Apache Chief!  Shaman who can summon A Patchy Fog!   But noooooo, you got to buy them off with whiskey.  What's the matter, didn't have any beads?


  1. We went to the Smirkenburg plains.

  2. I thought it was kinda neat that we didn't have to shoot our way out of every encounter. Seems like a big change to have a Negotiator with us rather than just beaters and shooters. Though I would have rather gone to the caves too.