Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Time Frame

What are people's hopes, dreams, expectations about the Mutants and Muskets game?  It's really very little work for me.  The overland encounter system and the mission structure together with Savage World's inherent simplicity of stat creation makes it so that the thing basically runs itself.   I can keep it going until we run out of missions.  I'm certainly not ready for ACKS now, but could be as soon as need be.


  1. On one hand, I'm itching for ACKS. On the other, we have one hell of a blast with Savage Worlds. I reckon we can stick with Savage Worlds until you decide you're ready to switch, or until our characters reach the point where we walk through encounters.

    Currently, we are just about ahead of the rest of the communities as far as technology goes. A few more missions, and we'll be pretty well set. The way I figure it, soone or later we'll either have to start clearing out the bigger obstacles in the area (the apemen, the mutant zones, any cultists or whatnot) to allow safer travel in the region, and possibly real trade. Unfortunately our bunch isn't real big on anything other than murdering the shit out of monsters, so that would probably mean us escorting diplomats all over.