Friday, April 12, 2013

Mutants and Muskets so far

There are a lot of things I've been digging about Mutants and Muskets so far:

I really do like how the outdoor encounter system has turned out:  Draw 1 card per day of travel, 3 cards if you have a wagon.  Spade=encounter, Club=patrol encounter if you are in a patrolled zone, Hearts=find what you're looking for if hunting or searching and make appropriate skill check; Diamonds=nothing

I am thinking that are two minor problems: maybe only 2 cards per day if there's a wagon, and we don't seem to have any night-time camp encounters.  I guess I can fiddle around a bit, but on the whole the process of making one's way across a mutant and hobo filled wilderness has gone pretty smoothly.

The "Mission" System has worked out well also.  In a world without money, it gives goal and structure and tangible reward to the adventure.

The campaign map has been pretty good too.  I suppose I should get a picture or a scan up on the wiki.

I would like to see more musketry, perhaps the Pinker squad has proven that it isn't the death trap that monkey zip guns are.

Next time, Expand the distillery!  I've got to come up with some interesting mutants to guard the copper tubes.

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