Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Pull of the Jitney continues

I had convinced myself not to buy that wheeled APC thingie that I posted about below.  But, I got some money for my birthday, and the little devil on my shoulder keeps saying, "go ahead, you know you want to".   But, the other little devil keeps saying "dude, buy something you'll use more often, like those ninjas, or those peasants, or some more buildings."    I just prefer getting stuff with multiple uses, and that truck has very limited uses, only in Sci-Fi and only from time to time, and we already have Andrew's tracked APC lying around.  What is a boy to do?  (It's not as if I'm not going to buy some game related stuff, but whether it's the Battle Jitney or not.)

1 comment:

  1. I suppose I could raise a valid point: Suppose you get it, and put it together. We're not exactly the most gentle with those sorts of things. It would suck to get it, and put it together, only to realize it really doesn't stand up to the stresses of table-top use.

    But still, it looks awesome. I suppose (at least for my cheap ass self) the biggest question would be price.