Friday, February 22, 2019

The Magic Sword Question

In alignment with Original D&D (1974) and Holmes' Basic (1977), Blueholme gives magic swords bonuses "to hit" but usually no bonus to damage, unless it's against a special enemy,  Other magic weapons DO get damage bonus.

+2 sword:   +2 to hit, that's it.

+2 axe:  +2 to hit and damage

+1/+2 vs trolls sword:  +1 to hit against everyone, +2 to hit and damage vs. trolls.

I keep going back and forth as to whether just to give swords a regular damage bonus like later versions of D&D and like other weapons.  It's not like there are a bunch of other damage bonuses floating around out there.


  1. I say do the hit and damage. There's no strength bonuses, fighters very slowly get a bonus to damage (but, as I recall, no multiple attacks so it's a one and done, mostly), and really, this mostly affects fighters (and minor thieves or clerics), who get very rapidly outclassed by wizards in the damage department anyways.