Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Off and Running

Above:  Lothar of the Hill People (foreground),  Sparkles the Talking Pig (background).

Sometimes a campaign pre-synopsis doesn't survive contact with the created characters.  While the overall setting and adventure ideas are still roughly in line,  I couldn't see a Satyr assassin, Cat-man wizard and Berserker fighter-cleric of Crom fitting into the household of Lord Oscar of Valdburg.   In fact, I couldn't see how they knew each other at all.   Therefore, they met on the road, saved a magic pig and found a treasure map.

Instead of having a home/HQ at Valdburg, it turns out that Bob's wizard owns a town house in Passburg, which will now serve as home base.  Now, Crossroads Tavern was the most detailed town I had prepared, but Marlon can't go back there and Bob lives in Passburg, so I need to flesh out Passburg instead.

The map originally led to a very old D&D module B1--In Search of the Unknown.  However, I decided that it was as much trouble to fully prepare the module and understand it than it would be just to make a new dungeon, so I'm doing that instead.  I'll keep the lore the same, but change the map etc.

I also need to have Sparkles the Talking Pig become a regular campaign thing.  Haven't worked that out yet, but am thinking.

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