Thursday, December 22, 2016

Equipment and Deck Update

I've printed out  and put up the final versions of the gear books on the wiki:

Equipment Book Page

I've also created the first deck.   It is the pieces of equipment that are in the Armory of the HQ when the team starts play.  (Remember, players also can pick a single special piece in addition).

The list is as follows (and I have a card for each to distribute when play starts):

Thompson Sub-machinegun  x2
Colt .45 Automatics x3
Colt New Service Revolvers x2
Colt Police .32  x1
Smith and Wesson Police Revolver x1
FN vest pocket .25 auto  x2
Springfield M1903 Rifles x3
Remington M30 Hunting Rifle x1
Remington M8 Hunting Rifle x1
Assorted Shotguns x4
Flak Jackets x4
Bullet Proof Vests x2 (ordinary)
Gas Masks x6
Steel Helmets x6
First Aid Kit x1
Doctor's Bag x1
Bundle of Dynamite x2
Demolition Kit x1
Nerve Gas Grenade x1
Radio Transmitter x1
Radio Receiver x2
Lock picks x1
Leather Jackets x4
Hand Grenades x4
Anti-Tank Grenade x2
Smoke Grenade x2
Dagger x2
Bayonet x2
Billy Club x2
Brass Knuckles x2
Trench Knife x1
Tomahawk x1
Black Jack x1
Bowie Knife x1
Flash Light x4
Handcuffs x2
Climbing Gear x1
50' Hemp Rope x2
Camera x1
Bottle of Chloroform x1
Anti-venom x1

If there is anything glaringly missing, let me know.  The idea is that this is the basic start line, with more stuff being delivered each session, more or less randomly.

The Team will have to decide whether items are returned to the Armory at the end of the session, or each person keeps what he's issued once it is distributed.

P.S.   I also slapped together the first deck of ordinary gear for the Rufus deliveries.  (Armory and  Rufus decks very easy, just cutting and pasting from gear books)


  1. I don't believe we've officially published the character creation rules. For example, are we still allowing PC wildcards to pick a single piece of special equipment? I'm counting on my bulletproof nun's habit!