Friday, December 23, 2016

Discussion of the Rewards System

As a trial balloon, I've proposed a system of pay-outs and rewards, listed below.   Each mission will be rated "failure", "success" or "Extra-ordinary Success" and that result is cross-referenced with the result of the KILL JAR to get the pay-out.

The KILL JAR, is like a swear jar, one chip goes in for each person you kill (except enemies armed with deadly weapons who are trying to kill you) or person you let die, or major piece of property you destroy. 

I also have a system of "DAMAGE" to the various gangs in the city.  Each gangster that gets killed does a point of damage to the gang, affecting its morale.

There is a neat tension that arises if both systems are used.   Killing bad guys weakens the gangs, but killing bad guys also lessens your rewards,  so whether to kill or just beat someone becomes a real question with consequences for either choice.

Andrew has discussed adding "good chips" to the Kill Jar, but we are short on details so far.   I'd like everyone to think and give comment on the Rewards and Kill Jar ideas.


At the end of each session, there will be a PAY OUT. The pay-out is determined by cross-referencing “Success” with “Kill Jar”.
  • Kill Jar 0-5: Result: 1-P
  • Kill Jar 6-10: Result: 1-N
  • Kill Jar 11-15: Result: 0-D
  • Kill Jar 16+: Result 0-D
  • Kill Jar 0-5: Result: 2-C
  • Kill Jar 6-10: Result: 2-P
  • Kill Jar 11-15: Result: 1-N
  • Kill Jar 16+: Result: 0-D
  • Kill Jar 0-5: Result: 3-C,P
  • Kill Jar 6-10: Result: 3-P
  • Kill Jar 11-15: Result: 2-N
  • Kill Jar 16+: Result: 1-N
Result Number
The number represents 3 things:
  • Number of XP each player gets
  • Number of draws from the ordinary gear deck the team gets per person
  • Number of draws from the Special Deck the team gets as whole
Result Letter
Additionally the following letter codes apply:
  • D—Dragnet by police next session, each time a 2 of clubs is drawn in initiative (either yours or enemies’ draw), 1-6 cops show up aiming to gun you down.
  • P—Positive News story in the Paper: +1 charisma to all players next session.
  • N—Negative News Story in the Paper: -1 to charisma to all players next session
  • C-City Goes wild—next session, every time a Queen of Hearts is drawn by the players, some unexpected allies arrive to help the players


  1. Don't forget that killing folks provokes bad guys just as much as cops. On a dragnet result, perhaps a special crew is recruited just for the purpose of putting down Team C.

  2. Also, I like the idea of Queens being the trigger for KILL JAR results. Instead of 2Clubs what if the Queen of Clubs provoked a Dragnet?