Monday, November 28, 2016

To A Bloody Pulp: Preview #1 THE BEAST

Acceleration 32
Top Speed 60
Toughness 14(5) Heavy Armor
Crew 1
Passengers 5

The vigilantes of Team C of the Gotham City Restoration Project are in possession of a truly remarkable vehicle, known as The Beast. It is as fast as a contemporary Sports Car, can carry 6 people comfortably like a sedan and is as well armored as a bank armored car. It has futuristic lines, decades before its time and a secret powerful engine that pulls around the weight of the thing with easy. It is, unfortunately, quite recognizable, and is recommended only for night-time use.

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  1. I had to go through the vehicle book and get rid of Jeeps and all the 4-wheeled drive cars, since 4-wheeled drive wasn't invented until 1938 (at the earliest) and Jeeps not until 1941.